Anti aging benefits of Facial Massage

Massage is widely reported to ease stress. Stress causes lots of negative effects on our body and the face displays the most visible signs of how it takes its toll. Stress causes the facial muscles to contract and over a period of time, this constant strain can make a person look permanently tense causing lines and wrinkles. When the facial muscles get stressed out then the blood flow to the face becomes restricted and the lymphatic system slows down making it difficult to get rid of toxins.  Facial massage stimulates the facial muscles, boosts blood circulation and kick starts the lymphatic system.
As blood circulation to the skin improves this increases nutrition to the cells and encourages cell regeneration within the dermis and epidermis. The blood flow encourages the dermis to grow, repair and protect the body. Cell regeneration speeds up the healing process from burns, wounds and scar tissue.
Facial massage encourages the production of sebum which helps to improve the skins suppleness and resistance to infection. It also causes vaso dilation of the surface capillaries helping to improve the skins colour.
Skin is made up of connective tissue formed from elastin and collagen. These weave together to form a flexible webbed structure. As we get older, these fibres lock and lose elasticity however massage tones the fibres and makes the skin more supple and improves elasticity of the skin which can help in the prevention of wrinkles. Facial oils are ideal to use when performing a facial massage as they allow your fingers to glide easily across the skin. The massage will also ensure that the oils penetrate deeper into your skin.  As all Ermana face oils contain essential oils this means that you can benefit both emotionally as well as physically from facial massage.

Try the techniques for your self as shown in link below

How to give yourself a facial massage


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