Comfort Candle

We have added two new soy wax candles to our range, available in Comfort and Refresh scents.

They are made from slow burning soy wax means that these candles will have a cleaner, longer burn time of up to 35 hours.

Every candle is hand poured in 120ml amber glass jar and infused with pure essential oils.

Ermana Comfort candle  is blended with lavender, geranium and ylang ylang pure essential oils which balance body and mind.

Lavender is without doubt the most versatile oil. It is a calming, soothing and balancing oil which can help restore imbalance in both body and mind.

Geranium oil has a rose like floral scent and is known to have an uplifting effect on your mood. Geranium Oil calms the nervous system and induces a deep sense of relaxation.

Ylang Ylang oil has a lovely delicate floral fragrance and was originally used in medicine as an antidepressant due to its uplifting effect on mood.

Ermana Refresh candle is blended with grapefruit pure essential oil.

Grapefruit has an invigorating citrus aroma which energises and stimulates body and mind.

Our candles are natural, environmentally friendly with carefully sourced sustainable ingredients.
They are also vegan friendly, clean burning & additive free.

Top tips for burning candles 

Always burn your candle for a couple of hours when first lighting it. This is to allow the top layer of wax to fully melt, ensuring even burning when next lighting it. Wax has a memory so it is important not to skip this step to make sure you get the most even burning out of your candle

Place your candle in a draught free area, this will make your candle last longer. Candles burn faster and are consumed more rapidly in draughty areas.

Trim and re-centre your wick after each burn for a more even burn and to prevent soot stains forming on the glass. Make sure you re-centre it after putting your candle out, when the wax is still liquid. 

Clean the glass with a wet cotton pad and warm soapy water to remove any black stains and make sure you dry the area properly before lighting your candle again.”

Keep the lid on candle when not in use to prevent dust from settling on the candle.

Recycle your candle jar once candle has burnt down. Simply pour hot water in the glass, swirl it gently, empty the water in a sink and wipe with a paper towel. Repeat this process a couple of times until the glass is completely clean. The empty jar is great for holding make up brushes.

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