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Navigating the Festive Frenzy: How to Stay Calm and Enjoy the Season

The festive season, though joyous, often brings a slew of stresses that can impact our well-being. One common stressor is the desire to please everyone

8 Ways To Use Face Oils for Glowing Skin

Facial oils are a hidden gem in the world of skincare. They offer a plethora of benefits, ranging from moisturising and nourishing your skin to protecting it from the harsh elements. These miracle workers can even enhance your skin's texture and balance oil production leaving you with a radiant, healthy...

Why Do We Need Vitamin D?

Vitamin D has long been associated with maintaining healthy teeth and bones. It plays a critical role in calcium absorption and bone mineralization. However, research over the past few decades has revealed that its influence extends to various other aspects of health.

Boosting Collagen Naturally: The Power of Plant Oils in Skincare

Here at Ermana, we're all about prioritising your skin's health and harnessing the potential of plant oils. Our natural skincare products are blended to bolster collagen production, promoting your skin's health and appearance. Our formulas are teeming with premium plant ingredients to help you maintain a youthful and glowing complexion.

The Fermented Phenomenon: Nourishing Skin from Within

Your skin's health isn't just about what you put on your skin – it's also deeply connected to what you put on your plate. The holistic benefits of incorporating fermented foods into your diet offer a sustainable and science-backed approach to skin wellness.

Eating for your Hormones

Hormone balance is an essential part of wellbeing, especially for women in their 40s and 50s when they experience more sudden and frequent hormonal changes during perimenopause and menopause. Diet is one of the most powerful ways you can rebalance your hormones and take back your health.

How to Balance Hormones Naturally

After the age of 40, our hormone levels decline dramatically and one of the first places we see this is in our skin. Changing levels of hormones such as oestrogen, testosterone, adrenaline and insulin are extremely important chemical messengers that affect many aspects of your overall health. They can also...

Fire Cider Recipe - Immune Boosting Remedy

Fire Cider is a traditional herbal remedy used to warm up the body during the cold months and immunity during cold and flu season. It was created in the late 70’s by renowned herbalist Rosemary Gladstar as a warming tonic to support the immune system and to soothe cold and flu symptoms.

Glowing Skin begins with Good Gut Health

We’ve all heard the phrase you are what you eat, but this might be truer than you think regarding skin and gut health. Our digestive system and the food we eat have a profound impact on the health and complexion of our skin.

Making Skincare Simple: Ermana’s Three Step Routine

Ermana makes skincare simple. We don't overload you with products and ingredients, and we don't expect you to follow a one-hundred step skincare routine. We recommend our three step skincare routine, following up with SPF in the mornings, and indulging in a deep cleanse once a week.    

8 Ways Ermana Abides By Its Sustainability Pledge

Ermana is proud to be a sustainable and organic skincare brand. However, being founded as an eco-friendly brand doesn't mean our work is complete. We're dedicated to continuing and advancing our eco-friendly initiatives and protecting and preserving the planet to the best of our ability. One of the ways we're...

Everything You Need To Know About Switching To A Natural Deodorant

Should you switch from an antiperspirant to a natural deodorant?

Winter Skincare Tips: Exfoliate

As the seasons change and the temperature drops, we need to adapt our skincare regime accordingly. Winter time can be particularly harsh on the skin as we switch between the cold air outside and central heating indoors. Your skin cells dehydrate and dry out faster in winter. Chapped lips, cracked...

Vitamins for Glowing Skin

Vitamins A, C, E, K, and B complex are the most beneficial for beautiful, healthy glowing skin. Fortunately, some of the best natural sources of those vitamins happen to be fruit and vegetables. 

Keeping the Balance When Life Gets Busy

As the world slowly transitions out of lockdown, the pace of life is starting to pick back up. Suddenly, there are places to go, people to see, and things to do. While these social activities are a welcome change, they also contribute to the busyness of life. Between work responsibilities,...

The Power of Scent: How to Benefit from Essential Oils

Smell is considered to be one of our most powerful senses. It can recall memories, stir emotions, and even enhance our physical and mental well-being. From your personal experience, you’re probably aware that your sense of smell has the power to influence your mood and impact stress levels on a...