8 Ways Ermana Abides By Its Sustainability Pledge

8 Ways Ermana Abides By Its Sustainability Pledge

The skincare industry is rapidly becoming one of the leaders in sustainable and ethical manufacturing. New sustainable skincare brands are appearing, and established businesses are transitioning to more environmentally friendly practices. But, how do we know these companies are doing everything they can to work in harmony with nature? 

Unfortunately, as the push for sustainability increases, so does the number of businesses greenwashing their products. This means that transparency is crucial in our industry. Sustainable companies need to share the eco-friendly practices they’re implementing, which is what we’re doing in this article. We're sharing the eight ways we abide by our sustainable ethos, so you can be confident we're doing everything we can to protect the planet.

Using accredited UK suppliers

Ermana will always say no to an unnecessarily high carbon footprint; that's why we manufacture all our products in the UK. By only using accredited UK suppliers, you can trust our formulas are Earth-friendly and don't have to make any high emission journeys.

Only use glass bottles and jars

When founding Ermana, one of our main eco-friendly initiatives was to ensure our products and packaging were plastic-free. Our team decided to use glass as a plastic alternative due to its durability and eco-friendly nature. Glass is 100% recyclable. And the UK has one of the highest recycling rates of the material at 76%.

We knew that packaging our skincare products in glass bottles and jars and using cardboard meant our eco-conscious customers would have no problem recycling their products once done. Read on to find out how Ermana can help you do this too!

Minimal packaging

In addition to using glass packaging, Ermana never uses unnecessary materials. We understand how frustrating it is when your items arrive loaded with plastic, paper and cardboard waste. All Ermana products have enough packaging to keep your products safe and planet-friendly.

Eco-friendly, compostable packaging for posting

Not only can we guarantee your products are eco-friendly, but their postage is too. Manufacturing and shipping to the UK mean your skincare items have a low carbon footprint. And the addition of compostable and recyclable packaging means by ordering with Ermana, you can give back to the Earth. After unwrapping your all-natural, sustainable skincare product, you can compost the packaging it arrives in, providing rich nutritious food for your plants and flowers. 

Waterless formations

Water scarcity is one of the most significant environmental issues we face. Over 3 billion people are affected by water shortages. At Ermana, we believe in creating pure, effective skincare products that don't abuse natural resources. All our facial care products contain waterless formulas, ensuring you get the full effect of nature's best ingredients, without abusing them.

Manufacture in small batches

Large scale manufacturing often results in excess products going to waste. When these unused items are disposed of, you're wasting ingredients, packaging and energy. Ermana always runs on small batches, providing the correct number of products to meet customer demand. Alongside avoiding overproducing, manufacturing on small runs means we can keep our products fresher for longer, ensuring their natural ingredients have a greater impact on your skin.


Natural ingredients

Ermana prioritises natural, organic ingredients. Many well-known skincare brands use synthetic ingredients with chemicals and plastics that harm the planet. These man-made components release parabens, dioxins, phenols. Studies show harmful skincare chemicals pollute our oceans, harm marine life, and can even be dangerous to humans. In comparison, natural ingredients work in harmony with nature, nourishing the body and protecting the planet. With an Ermana product, you know your skincare regime isn't emitting toxicities into your body or the world.

Ermana’s New Returns policy for used bottles and jars

Ermana is proud to be a sustainable and organic skincare brand. However, being founded as an eco-friendly brand doesn't mean our work is complete. We're dedicated to continuing and advancing our eco-friendly initiatives and protecting and preserving the planet to the best of our ability. One of the ways we're continuing to do this is with our new recycling programme.

How does Ermana's recycling scheme work?

We believe being sustainable shouldn't be difficult, and it's the role of sustainable businesses to make being eco-friendly easier for their customers. Our new recycling scheme is simple and requires minimal effort from you. Once you've finished five Ermana sustainable skincare products and have their bottles/jars, you can inform the Ermana team on our website. From here, we'll send you a return label to send your empty glass back to us, free of charge. To say thank you for taking part in our recycling scheme, you'll receive a discount code for 10% off your next purchase.

As a sustainable skincare brand, we understand transparency is of the utmost importance. We promise to be honest about our ingredients, manufacturing and products, so you can make informed eco-conscious decisions relating to your daily routines. In this article, we've shared eight ways we abide by our sustainability pledge. To learn more about Ermana's sustainable initiatives, click here. And to start recycling your used Ermana bottles and jars, email hello@ermana.co.uk. 

Together, we can continue making skincare an Earth-friendly industry.






 Image courtesy of Aaron Burden @unsplash