Making Skincare Simple: Ermana’s Three Step Routine

Making Skincare Simple: Ermana’s Three Step Routine

The UK skincare industry is worth over 2.2 billion pounds! With new products and businesses appearing every week, and endless online gurus telling you new routines, it's becoming increasingly difficult to know who to listen to. We all want youthful, clear, healthy complexions, but we don't know the best way to achieve it.


At Ermana, we care about tried, tested, and true products and formulas. We understand how it feels not to love your skin, which is why we vow to always provide effective products we trust. Our business model isn't to keep churning out new items. We're here to provide you with products, formulas, and ingredients you love and can keep coming back to. But, to make the most out of these all-natural skincare products, you need to know the most effective way to apply them.

Is there a correct way to apply skincare?

Ermana makes skincare simple. We don't overload you with products and ingredients, and we don't expect you to follow a one-hundred step skincare routine. We recommend our three step skincare routine, following up with SPF in the mornings, and indulging in a deep cleanse once a week.

Ermana’s three step skincare routine

The core elements of your skincare routine are cleanse, tone and nourish. Start with cleansing to remove dirt, dead skin cells, excess oil, and pollutants. Follow up with your Hydrating Rose Mist to soothe and lock in moisture. And finish your routine with face oil. Your face oil will nourish the skin, providing vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy, glowing complexion.

Listen to your skin

You can add to our simple three step routine if you wish, but there’s no need to overload your skin. Commercial brands have a nasty habit of enticing us with a false narrative that we need to be constantly coating our skin in new chemical lotions and potions.

In reality, we should be listening to our skin and how it's reacting. For example, if you notice an increase in plumpness and illumination after following our three-step skin routine, this is a sign your skin is happy and healthy. However, if you're still experiencing dryness, you might want to consider the oil you're using. Do the ingredients help tackle dry skin?


Being attuned with your skin and working in harmony with your body is the best way to achieve your desired result.

How often should I be using my skincare products?

Complete your skincare routine in the morning and evening.


In the evening, your three-step process will remove any dirt and grime accumulated throughout the day, allowing your skin to refresh and develop while you sleep. As you sleep, your skin works hard, producing collagen that helps maintain youth and glow. If you sleep with clogged pores, you risk inhibiting the skin's regeneration process, limiting chemical production.


Cleansing in the morning is just as important as at night. Although you're tucked up in bed, your skin can still accumulate dirt and debris from your home. The only exception to your morning cleanse is if you suffer from extremely dry skin. Those that have dehydrated skin will benefit from cleansing once a day and washing their pillowcase more frequently to remove germs.


SPF 50+ should be applied every morning (even if you're staying indoors). Wearing SPF daily prevents sunburn, protects against skin cancer and stops premature aging. No matter your age, you should make sun protection a non-negotiable part of your morning skincare routine.


Using sun protection isn't necessary at night as you're not exposed to the sun's rays. However, getting in the habit of applying SPF as soon as you wake means you're unlikely to forget this crucial step.


Deep exfoliants aren't necessary for everyday use. However, you may benefit from applying these products once a week or during periods when your skin is extra sensitive, such as during or after drastic weather changes.


Our Clarifying Clay Mask goes beneath the surface of the skin, drawing out impurities and stimulating cell growth. We recommend using this once a week during your downtime. A face mask is a great way to relax. However, its deep penetrative nature isn't necessary for everyday cleansing.


We also have our Glow Exfoliator. You can massage this deep into the skin using warm water up to twice a week. Remember to always be gentle as you work the product into the skin's surface.


Skincare doesn't need to be complicated. As long as you have your three essential products and tend to your skin with care and caution, you can develop the healthy, clear complexion you desire.


If you have questions regarding your skincare routine and finding the right products for your skin type, reach out to us today. A member of our team will be happy to assist.


Image Morgan Alley @unsplash